EmberJS + Brunch.io VS EmberJS + Yeoman VS EmberJS + MimosaJS

Hi, I’m relatively new to EmberJS and I’m building an application, then to provide a scalable and robust architecture Brunch.io use, I’ve also tried Yeoman + Grunt, I love the idea of compiling all in CoffeeScript and I love the templates with Emblem.

What do you recommend? any idea how to intelligently build my application in the future?

sorry for my English

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Hi I’m really new to ember (and webdev in general) as well – but I feel compelled to give a shout out for mimosa.js. I’ve found it to be very nice for development – it has a lot of features and the documentation is very good.

Mimosa supports pre-compiling emblem and handlebars templates in an ember-compatible manner. It has support for coffeescript (with source maps), stylus, sass … and whole bunch of templating languages. It has a watch mode and supports livereload.

There is a lot of built-in support for requirejs but all of that is optional – I disable the requirejs features and use standard script tags to link up all my dependencies – from what I can tell this seems to be the recommended way in ember-land at least for now …

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Thanks @breatheoften I will look mimosa.js :slight_smile: A example or skeleton you recommended ?

I just made made a skeleton which is essentially a port of the Ordr application made in the peepcode ember tutorial. This tutorial was my introduction to ember a short time ago and I found it very useful…

Its a port of the app into a mimosa project using ember-1.0.0.rc-6 and ember-model [https://github.com/ebryn/ember-model] instead of ember-data (that can be changed back easily). The app was ported to coffeescript, emblem and stylus against a recent foundation.css release. It also has the testem suite from this project [https://github.com/Ember-SC/peepcode-ordr-test/] which shows how to do automated testing of an ember app.

I think it all fits together very well and want to share it … I just sent a message to peepcode to ask if its ok with them and if they say yes I’ll push it to github. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback after its up for any places where I can change things to ‘best practices’.

The app makes a nice testbed environment for me to figure out how ember works and to keep up to speed with new things ember related – I was thinking of adding Ember-Auth support to the Ordr app next …

Let me know if this sounds useful/interesting to you (or anyone else!)…

Excellent, I look forward to :slight_smile:

Hi – got the ok from peepcode – so here’s an example mimosajs ember project. Let me know if you encounter any problems!


I’m trying to collect best-practice examples of the basics in this project (for my own reference and for other dev’s in my group) – so any feedback is much appreciated.

Wow, thanks you, let see!

The mimosa-peepcode skeleton has been added to the mimosa skeleton list.

So, with the latest version of mimosa loaded (0.14.6), if you do a mimosa skel:new ember-peepcode [nameOfFolder] you’ll get it. cd into the directory and run mimosa watch -s and you’ll be off and running.

We are using Yeoman for our project and everything works beautifully. But you could also look into GitHub - stefanpenner/ember-app-kit: deprecated: see https://github.com/stefanpenner/ember-cli Don’t have any experience myself with it, but seems to really usable now.

I second that! Mimosa makes it very easy to get started because at its core, it already provides you with everything you need to develop an app, you don’t have to configure much of anything at all. And the modules work really nicely together.

On the Ember side of things, the mimosa-peepcode looks like a great starting point and reference, and it’s nice to see an example that provides an alternative to ember-data.

From the Yeoman Faq

“We love tools like Brunch and Grunt-BBB and feel that they offer a great solution for developers wishing to scaffold with frameworks like Backbone.js and Ember.”

I wish they’d expand on that thought but the next sentence seems so unrelated. Why is Brunch better for an Ember app?

I use Brunch myself, but I don’t know how to answer that.

A new Mimosa skeleton for Ember and CommonJS recently got put together. Seems a great starting place.


To try it out:

npm install -g mimosa
mimosa skel:new ember-commonjs <destination folder name>
cd <destination folder name>
mimosa watch -s

Strongly recommend Ember App Kit. Its under active development by members of the Ember core team and so is synced with the future direction of Ember (things like the module system). Coffee, SCSS/Sass/Less/Stylus, Handlebars/Emblem, Bower, QUnit/Ember Testing/Karma, JSHint all baked in.

I actually just started ember app kit a week or so ago, and I’ve liked it far more than brunch.