Best Boilerplate to get started with


Hi all,

We’re about to start a rather ambitious web build and were wondering what’s considered to be the best EmberJS boilerplate?

Ideally it’d support SASS, CoffeeScript, Twitter Bootstrap, testing, build scripts, etc, etc, etc.

This one looks to be the best we’ve found ( but interested to hear what the community is using these days.




I am also interested in this particular subject. I was researching it a weekend ago and stumbled upon this helpful blog post

So I created my own “skeleton”, which can be viewed here:

What I wanted to have is live reloading, coffee script, and most of all, pre-compiled templates.

I also got inspiration from this charcoal project.

It would be great to have some more official best practices on how to start a production ready ember app.


Hi, just want to add my five cent, did you guy’s had a look at The the ember-generator seams also a good place to start.


All great examples guys.

I ended up forking grunt-ember-boilerplate, mixing in some of generator-ember and making changes to suit our desired platforms & processes.

There’s just so many out there! It took me hours just to decide which boilerplate to use!?


Sure. I mean, I did my skeleton with it. It is great, but I missed precompiling of the templates, so I added it.

So much too choose from. It would be cool if we can find and define some best practices and create some kind of omakase production ready starter kit :smile:


I’m quite biased, but I’ve enjoyed using my own boilerplate/Yeoman generator, Charcoal. There’s a little blog post with its advantages here:

In particular, it comes with a development guide (similar to the default README in Rails projects), a step I haven’t seen any other generators take.


I’ve been working on Brunch based skeleton along @gcollazo. It has the beginnings of QUnit based testing:

Currently integration testing with ember-testing needs work (which is why it is on a branch), but otherwise it is coming along nicely.

Note it uses Stylus, but should be easy to fork and change to SaSS as well as add Bootstrap.


Great skeleton! How can i have file dependency of coffeescripts in it? e.g. depends on, so must be placed before in the output application.js


You can check out for an example. That is apart of an example use of the skeleton.


I’d like to know if any of you used a Ruby boilerplate for Ember. I was tempted to use the ember-gem, which generates an Ember app with rake-pipeline.

Moreover this seems to be the official boilerplate, see examples:


  • now I’m using a Rails app with the [ember-rails][5] gem.

  • my dream setup would comprehend:

    1. rake-pipeline
    2. CoffeeScript
    3. Foundation
    4. QUnit with PhantomJS support


You should keep tabs on