Building a PayPal addon


I have to integrate PayPal into my project and a quick consultation with el-google didnt turn up any.

Since PayPal integration shouldnt (hopefully) require too much rigamarole I figured this should be something developed as a community addon.

Before I stick my head down the PayPal rabbit hole though, is anyone interested in developing a PayPal addon with me?

Also, does anyone have any experience integrating PayPal into Ember apps?



Hey, I’m interested in contributing to Ember ecosystem and I have experience developing and publishing an ember addon (ember-cli-geo)

I definitely want to do what you have proposed because I think this could be an interesting and challenging task. If you want to work together, feel free to drop me a private message so we can discuss your project more thoroughly and paypal addon requirements too.


For anyone interested, here is the current state of the addon (VERY ALPHA):

I would love it if anyone else is interested in helping out. So far only one endpoint has been implemented but a lot of the groundwork is started. I could use some help writing out tests, documentation, and just general architecture ideas.