Can we get a public interface that Ember expects for its models?


Hey all,

We’re about to start work on an ORM like system for Ember that we want to make work in place of Ember Data and will fuse perfectly with what Ember expects. The problem is, there isn’t any published document for what Ember Framework expects from the model. We want to provide all of the events, promises, and data API that Ember expects so we can swap DS out completely without Ember being none the wiser.

So my question really is: is there some sort of doc that I haven’t found that describes this interface and if so, where can I find it? If not, could we get one, or at least point us into the direction of where the core interacts with the models?



Maybe you have seen this but here is a good post that talks about Ember with without ember data:

But I agree it would be helpful to have some general documentation that went into detail about what is required in a persistence layer. A guide with code examples. Just to cover the basic logistics of this.