Cannot import Material Design into Ember app

Hi, I was trying to import styles into Ember app as following:

I tried to @import "@material/textfield/mdc-text-field"; in app.scss

But then I got this error: Build Error (PostcssCompiler) in app/styles/app.scss#sass:1:9 File to import not found or unreadable

Has anyone faced the same issue before or I just missed something ? Thanks

My guess is you’re missing the build import step. Since you’re using an npm package that isn’t ember-aware you have to tell ember to import specific things from the package. I may be slightly off base here but off the top of my head I think you’ll want something like this in ember-cli-build.js (assuming you’re using ember-cli-sass, might look slightly different with other css addons):

sassOptions: {
  includePaths: [
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Thanks for you response @dknutsen, I have already had that in my ember-cli-builder.js, I will try again to figure out

Do you have ember-cli-sass installed? Just saw your error said something about PostCSS

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Thanks for your response @NullVoxPopuli, it seems like I haven’t installed that one. I will try to read this and try again: