Import scss from node_modules into app.scss


I’m attempting to upgrade to Ember-CLI 3.5.0 and some previously working import statements in my app.scss are now causing a build error “File to import not found or unreadable…”

@import '../../node_modules/spinkit/scss/spinners/3-wave';
@import '../../node_modules/spinkit/scss/spinners/7-three-bounce';

I have tried:

@import 'spinkit/scss/spinners/3-wave';
@import 'spinkit/scss/spinners/7-three-bounce';

But no luck.

I do have ember-cli-sass installed but I’m unsure if I’m simply missing a proper bit of configuration. So far I’ve tried adding the following to my ember-cli-build.js but I still get the same build errors.

sassOptions: {
  includePaths: [

Any guidance is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Okay figured out how to get it working.

If I configure my build like so:

sassOptions: {
  includePaths: [

Then I can do:

@import 'spinners/3-wave';
@import 'spinners/7-three-bounce';

Sill unsure of what changed during Ember-CLI upgrade but hopefully this helps others.


You may have accidentally been relying on the fact that tmp was inside the project directory, such that files in tmp were capable of resolving things in node_modules.

ember-cli 3.5 moves tmp to the system temp location, which has a lot of nice benefits, but means this kind of accidentally node_modules resolution no longer works.

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That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying for me :slight_smile: