Comprehensive list of ember resources


EDIT: I asked a bit ago whether there is a nicely curated list of resources and plugins for ember, I didn’t find anything quite like that so I did some digging. Here’s the list I came up with:


Ember Simpel Auth

JWT authorizer for simple auth:

Ember List View

Ember Easy form:





Mocha Adapter

General UI components

General Forms:

Ember UI components:

Infinite Scroll mixin:

Bootstrap for Ember: as CLI addon

Validations: Ember-cli-validations by dockyard

Cloaking - initially not rendering what’s off screen


Transitions Liquid Fire:

Computed property Macros:

Interpolate - a better way to make compound computed properties:

Charts - Ember C3:

Growl (flash) notifications -

Working with XLS documents

Turning ember apps into cordova apps

See if element is in viewport, trigger events:



Sass support:

Maps: Leaflet Mapbox


Convert images to base64:

Async button aware of state of the http request


Cookie handling:

File uploads:

Drag and Drop

Discover more:

npm search ember-cli

npm search ember-addon

bower search ember

Awesome list of Ember resources:

Ember Addons:

Ember Flare

Ember WeeklyL

Big Learning project Balanced Dashboard:

Big Learning project Discourse:

Curated Resource Lists for Upgrading/Migrating

I just started to put together Awesome Ember as part of a guide I’m working on.


nice! i like it, some code examples would be good to be included


bump for edited list


are all the addons listed here compatible with ember-cli


probably not all, but quite a lot of them are, you can see by searching like this “npm search ember-cli” whatever comes prefixed with ember-cli is ready, that listing is where I got most of them from


what listing ? just searching the ember-cli prefix ?


yes [wow stupid discourse wants a longer response than just yes lol]