Created ember.js blog how to create new entries and set up database


I just watched the tutorial on building a blog. Thanks, very much for the great introduction. I now have a blog that updates the template automatically, transforms markdown to html and all that good stuff. Now, I need to create a way to add new entries to the blog and a data structure to hold the entries on my server. I would much rather use JSON than SQL. Any advice on where to start learning how to do this? Any responses are greatly appreciated. Also, if the steps are simple enough, maybe you could just list them?


I think what you want is a back-end. And unfortunately it’s not that simple.

You’re going to want to learn PHP/Laravel or Ruby on Rails or possibly something like Node.js and Express.js.

Why don’t you want to use SQL? I know it’s not super hip, but it’s a good start. It’s probably easier than NoSQL, at least there are definitely more tutorials on MySQL, etc


I found that Nodejs + Restify + Save is a great solution, it allows you to use a in memory database for testing and then a proper database system such as mongo for production