Delay of version 2.2.0-beta.2


With all respect! I am new to the ember.js world! I wonder why ember.js version 2.2.0-beta.2 currently seems to be more than a month delayed? How to get insight into what is in the melting pot? How to get insight into what are the challenges/problems causing the delay?


This is really tough to answer. The community seems to be divided. Some people want the cycle to be faster and some others want to be slower. You just can’t make everyone happy.


No real delay. The majority of development at the moment is going into the Glimmer v2.0 refactorings that are discussed in

I expect 2.2.0 final to be published sometime in the next two weeks (time permitting).


He does have a point on the lack of visibility though.

I really feel it’s a shame. Looking at releases it’s obvious there is a lot of work put into them by many people, yet the lack of visibility makes the community feel empty.

What’s going on?
What are the challenges being worked on?
What solutions were tried and which was chosen?
What’s the vision of the team for the near/far future?

One has to search through a lot of unrelated places (website, blogs, random youtube videos, github pull requests, …) and try to infer the answers from tiny bits here and there.


I think @spectras is on point. For those of us who aren’t reading every blog post and watching every youtube meetup recording, it’s hard to know what’s going on sometimes. I guess many people close to the core are in the know … but for those of us who aren’t it feels like limbo.

One great example is that a lot of popular blogs say to stay away from controllers and views, they’re bad. Use services and components. Practice DAAU. But all of that is hard without routeable components. I don’t know when that’s coming and I don’t know how to best prepare.

Ember is all about convention, we want to be good citizens and follow those conventions, but lately it’s been hard to figure out what they are.


I’m feeling the same way, trying to stay up to date with Ember (and Ember Data) changes is becoming a real frustration and is a massive barrier to my attempts to convince my team that Ember is a good choice of framework.

This is compounded by the ad-hoc way information is fed out, we can’t all watch for RFCs everyday and being told (as in the case of routable components) that the only way to do things now is going to be “wrong” very soon is maddening.


This is certainly an issue that needs to be dealt with somehow. It’s incredibly difficult to stay up to date with what’s happening in Ember if you’re not using it on a daily basis or an Ember contributor. Bit of a catch 22 here, since we need the community to help out with things like this, but the community won’t grow if these things aren’t in place.


@rwjblue Do you maybe know if a beta version with routable components will be released at the same time as well? Or is it currently planned for later (2.4+) releases?


Routeable components are not slated for 2.3, and no work has been done (to my knowledge) to land them by 2.4. As mentioned in past blog posts, pods work and angle bracket components must happen first.


Based on my further research, it seems like work on Routable Components won’t begin until Pods work has completed. Pods work won’t begin until Angle Brackets work has completed. Ember 2.2 just shipped today and Ember 2.3 will not contain Angle Brackets it seems :frowning:

So to walk that forward. Optimistically you won’t see Routable Components until Ember 2.8.