Deployment methods


I’d really like to get some tips from the community who have white-labeled applications.

I’ll give a bit of info of what we currently have: For the multi-environment part, we currently have the Ember Data point to origin/api. This works as the API being used is covered by an nginx proxy (the built app is also served through nginx). Environments could be staging, that is sub-divided into multiple environments for white-labels.

For multiple themes we use SASS. We have a import being added depending on which theme env is specified when building with ember-cli (some custom plumbing). Themes are not related to environments specifically.

I’m currently using ember-cli-deploy to deploy staging environments, but that requires quite a bit of custom work to get done (one deploy for each staging environment).

What tips would you guys give me with a setup like this? How do you distribute the applications, manage configuration, etc.

Anything would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot.