Disable Prototype Extension

In Array Prototype. _super being included. I would like to avoid it by disabling the prototype extension.

Currently, we are splitting the ember, jquery in to another file (tp-vendor.js) instead of vendor.js.

at this case, when am trying to keep EXTEND_PROTOTYPE:false in environment.js it’s not working always its being set as true for Ember.ENV.EXTEND_PROTOTYPES but, EmberENV.EXTEND_PROTOTYPES set as false.

Where as by having ember and jquery in vendor.js, it’s reading properly from environment file and working fine (i.e. Ember.ENV.EXTEND_PROTOTYPES set as false and Array.Prototype doesn’t have _super).

Can anybody advise me why it’s been happening like that ? Is there a way to fix it with our defined case (splitting ember from vendor.js ?)

have a look at this

As you are setting EXTEND_PROTOTYPES to ENV object, you can also try with ENV.EmberENV

ENV = {
  EmberENV: {

Yes I tried it. but, still I see all the values being set as true (FYI: Here, am splitting the ember into another file).