Need advice what is the best way to deprecate array prototype extensions when upgrade from 4.4 to 4.12

We upgraded from 4.4 to 4.12 version and set environment.js “EXTEND PROTOTYPES = false” which means than methods for arrays like a .findBy() .isAny() etc will be gone. Now we get tons of deprecation messages like:

I’m talking about RFC Deprecate array prototype extensions

For example, we have code const user = this.selectedUsers.findBy("id", someId);

The thing is we have huge ember application and too many places with .findBy(), .toArray(), filterBy() etc which are going to be deprecated in Ember 5.x. We do not want to correct by hand so many places.

Who knows right way how to upgrade my application code accordingly new rules?

I’m not aware of a codemod which is unfortunate. The lint rule does have an autofixer though, which would probably be the next best thing. Beyond that either writing a codemod yourself or doing some combination of tactical find/replace would be the only other options i can think of.

@dknutsen, thank you for reply