Disabling Prototype Extensions only for specific library?

I am using the PDF.js library in my application.

I am running in an error with the app because of the fact that ember extend prototype by default as described here.

Now, adding

ENV = { EmberENV: { EXTEND_PROTOTYPES: false } }

to config/environment.js

fixes the issues, but I am a new developer in my compagnie and it’s my first time working with ember. The app is already quite huge, and reading the doc, it seems this will create a lot of problem for the rest of the app?

First, could someone tell me if this is a safe thing to do, or will I run into multiple problems down the line by disabling the prototype extension?

Second, would it be possible to disable it only for PDF.js, or, what would be a better way of dealing with this issue than globally disabling prototype extension?

Any help would be appreciated.