[Doc][Translate] How can I help translate Ember.js document into Chinese?

I want help translate Ember.js into Chinese, where should I start?

I can’t find other language too (in Ember document: https://guides.emberjs.com/v3.1.0/)


Maybe now it’s good time to add i18n for Ember document? not just for Chinese, also Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc etc

Currently, there is no way to translate the Ember Guides and I don’t think there are any current plans to implement this.

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Thanks for your interest @1c7 :slight_smile:

@dopin has been hosting a japanese port of the guides for a while now(kudos to him) & he translates only the latest version of the docs. This is the best approach for a community driven guides site translated to other languages.

We’re in the process of updating our guides to a new ember app based architecture. We plan to focus on improving the content of the guides post that.

For logistical reasons, we won’t be officially introducing translated content or managing them anytime soon, but we welcome any community driven effort to do so :slight_smile:

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Hi :wave:

I hope that we will have an official way for translating the wonderful Ember.js guides but as @sivakumar_k wrote, you need to do it by yourself somehow today.

I personally referred to how other OSS Japanese translation were done when I started translating Ember guides. In Japanese, Rust (the book) and Vue seemed to do it well, so I think there should be worth to learn from in Chinese OSS projects.

I checked some modern ways of translation in the end of last year. I tried GitLocalize and it seemed great. It has GitHub integration and machine auto translation feature. It looked really good to me but I didn’t use it because I need some more flexibility. Maybe it’s improved by any chance?

I’ve been translating and keep the translation synced everything manually now by using git and diff command which is a pain and get more as increase the number of translated files. GitLocalize may solve the problem at that point.

By the way, I will follow the repository migration (emberjs/guides to ember-learn/guide-source) soon. I hope that I can do it easily. :pray:


Ooh, I forgot Pantoon. I haven’t tried it yet though. But it seems to work nicely to translate blog posts? :eyes:

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thanks for reply
ah… no good way to translate Ember Guides :disappointed_relieved:

got it, understood! thanks for reply!

Thanks for reply! good to know~