Move the ember guide to support multi language


I posted an issue to ember guides

After that I am looking for a good sample of start the foundation of documentation translate.

There are some tools ( like )about translations dedicated to GUI or text inside of the application.

But I cannot find a good solution for the documentation.

I am interested in how open source projects deals with this problem.

And a person like me, who is not a programmer can start contribute to ember.


I am thinking something like

for English


for Spanish

for Japanese

And so on … Only english will have double point for entry.

INSTALLING EMBER section will be




The translation must not make effects on the original document to avoid any possible hobbles.


I think the points brought up in the issue by @trek are very valid.

Why not see first if there is enough interest within the community for a specific language and then to follow on with are there enough community members to maintain that translation. I think the technical implementation will be secondary to solving the the actual translation issue.

To my mind we’re struggling to keep up up to date the english version, even with that being the dominant language of the community. It will take an exceptionally dedicated set of translators for this to take off.


May be that is true. As this is not getting much of traffic, no many people feels the need of the change. May be it was too early may be more important things have to be sorbed before….

I will work on my side about translation any way.


I don’t want to discourage you from making this path better. It’s people like you, who are trying to make a change, that drive the ember community. Perhaps a good way to start is to write some blog posts in your native language that help people get into ember or start a local meetup wherever you may be. You can also try and find people from your area here, on IRC #emberjs, or slack. If you can connect with other people who speak your language you maybe able to find enough of a dedicated team to maintain a translated guide, not to mention it’s great to have people to talk to about ember in your native language.


Thank you. You are nice guy!

It is not like that.

I thought that this must be common problem among non english speaker, but seems that it was not the case. Any way, as I am interested in ember I will try to do what I can do ^^