Organization of translations file

This is not strictly an Ember question, but worth asking here I think.

Like many people, we’re using ember-i18n to internationalize our application. However, our translations file now exceeds 700 lines, and we’re starting to wonder about its organization. We’re losing developer time in some cases to thinking too much about where things ought to go, and in other cases (cough me) to not thinking enough about where things ought to go and thus duplicating effort.

Are there any established best practices for organization of these files? What sorts of patterns have you found in the strings you put in these files, and how have your project(s) organized them?

(I’d ask this directly of the ember-i18n “community” but our primary means of communication seems to be Github issues, and this doesn’t seem right for that either.)

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It’s not really an answer, but I’m thinking to create normal gettext .po files instead and to let some script generate the files for ember-i18n. This way the usual gettext tools can be used to translate strings. It may help a lil.

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