Dose ember has mobile ui framework like ionic?

I find a mobile ui framework ionic. That’s awesome, but it is for angularjs. I can’t find a mobile ui framework for ember. Anyone know? Thanks.

Not that I’m aware of. There is Bootstrap for Ember.

Zurb Foundation 5 works fine with ember and ember-cli.


You can easily use ionic’s CSS and make your own components easily…

Hi. I’m having troubles to use foundation with ember. Css works fine , but javascript dont work at all. I’ve tried but wth no luck. I’m using ember generator from yeoman. Are you using foundation with ember and have no problems with router when use tabs ? Thanks in advance. is supposedly coming out with Ember integration. They’re built for mobile.

I use Foundation. To get the JavaScript working, you just need to include the file and call this.$().foundation(); in the didInsertElement hook of the application view. Be aware that not all of the components work, especially things that use lists. They’ll get caught on the meta morph tags. HTMLBars will fix this, and you can try it with metal views now if you’re in a pinch.

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thanks, thats it. ‘things that use lists’… tabs, accordion,dropdown. This was driving me nuts. Metal views??? I’m new to ember. Please explain.

“Metal Views” is the way that templates will be rendered in the future. You may have heard people anxiously waiting for HTMLBars- Metal Views is one of the more substantial parts of that. It’s currently in the Beta build of Ember, so you can try it now.

The current rendering method puts script tags all over the rendered DOM (they’re called “metamorph tags”) that help Ember keep track of bindings. The reason this screws up any Foundation (or other UI framework) component that uses lists is that it will count those script tags as list items, so you end up with blank tabs, blank dropdown items, etc. Metal Views doesn’t use the script tags, so should be fine with all these components (although I haven’t tried it myself).

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hooky dooky, thanks again

Maybe some of you know Framework7? 's a great mobile framework too but also for Angular. Since I was looking for something similar too, I started a Project based on its CSS and part of the JavaScript. At the End I created an Ember CLI addon out of my code. If you are interested, have a look at

I hope it works for you too and every kind of feedback is welcome!

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Because I can only add two link as a new user, here the GitHub repo in a second post:

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Good work spieker :slight_smile: Framework7 does look good. They say “Framework7 doesn’t use and does not depend on any third party libraries” but you say it depends on angular?

I found problems with the switch and slider controls not showing or not responding on Android 4.2.2 with the built in browser, latest Chrome and latest Chrome beta. On Android 4.4.3 these controls work fine on both Chrome versions and I haven’t noticed any other issues. I would be using Appgyver Steroids (Intel Crosswalk) to hopefully overcome these issues.

Anyway, your integration looks reasonable and this looks like my best option at present. Can you say any more about the limitations/problems you see? Routing may be one

I’ve just pushed this experiment , combining spieker’s Framework7+Ember dummy app with AppGyver Supersonic & Steroids (Cordova)

Here is yet another option. is a trimmed-for-mobile version of the Bootstrap 3 less code, with bootstrap.js reimplemented in angular and additions like fixed nav bars and a switch. It looks to me to be feasible to use the less but likewise reimplement the javascript with ember. I’m sticking with Framework7 for now.

A question. Doesn’t Supersonic provide a UI ? It uses css from Ionic framework.

The marketing does suggest that, but not necessarily. See supersonic.core.js in - it doesn’t contain any reference to angular, but it does contain the data layer, third party libraries and cordova extensions.

supersonic.js has all that, plus Angular stuff. So I think supersonic.core.js is meant to fulfil the UI framework-agnostic claim.