Is OnsenUI a new hope for Ember on Mobile?


I have spent days looking into mobile HTML UI frameworks. There are several options for Angular, but I want to stay with Ember. Here are the options I see :

  1. use ionic.js and ionic.css and not the angular files. Then I would have to build my own ember components to work like the existing Angular ones
  2. Ratchet, but is a bit basic and assumes no framework
  3. Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation for Apps. Not very mobile like, performance not mobile optimised?
  4. OnsenUI - an interesting new option especially since they removed the dependence on Angular. Its basically WebComponents wrapping TopCoat, a very lean and fast mobile framework.

I’m thinking that Onsen would “just work” with Ember eg. see but I would like some confirmation from people more familiar with these things.

Any comments ?


The plot thickens…

"Currently, Onsen UI is actually not custom elements but just Angular.js directives. We are considering Polymer or x-tags or other solution, but this plan is still in the air."

Thats why the “plain javascript” example linked to above still requires angular.js

Would it work for angular to just provide directive-based “components” and ember to do everything else? What about angular events meeting ember? Would that be building a Frankinstein?


OnsenUI 2.0 is framework agnostic.


OnsenUI 2.0.0-beta.9 JS components and material css works with emberjs.

For details please refer the below github issue.

The screenshot of it is below.