Email and EmberJS

Hello guys,

Whats the best way to deal with email on emberjs? It’s using an only client side framework like that makes all the magic for you, or send events (for example over web sockets ) to a nodejs web server and be the node server making the requests and passing data back to the ember?


We send email from Ember via our API written in Rails.


And all works fine?

Its a better design choice to use a library like emailjs or define a rest api, or a websocket api?

I pretend to either read, search and sent e-mails.

Regards for all help

Ps: another question: its a good idea use ember data to store the e-mail data In browser?

I think the best design is going to be chosen based on the Ember app’s dependency on a REST API.

If you’re building an app that’s 100% on the client and needs absolutely no server connection, then it would be crazy to pick something that depended on a Rails-like API to exist.

But if you’re building an app that is more-traditional in the client/server space, then it may be advantageous to send email from the server, initiated by a PUT/POST from your Ember client.

When it comes to transport, pick what best suits your application. If you need a realtime system, then go websockets. If you don’t and good ol’ HTTP request/response meets your needs, go with that.

I’d say it’s best practice to let Ember just represent your data. Keep all your business logic and complex search stuff within the bounds of your API server. If you’re building an email client, it’s easy to push down JSON to represent a list of messages, folders and search.

Hope this helps.

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Hello atsjj,

Thank u for your answer, it help me with some points.

I think that i’ll go with webscokets and give to the events a restful syntax. Do you know any adapter to ember data and websockets to connect eito a nodejs server?

I will test this approach and another using emailjs to test whats better for me.


Are they any interesting developments or integrations regarding email and Ember? I’m not often using a rails server and can’t leverage the go-to systems on that side.

Ember Observer has nothing on the radar.

I’m not trying to build a robust email application, but many time I have a small form component that collects a few fields of data that needs to be sent somewhere. No fancy styling on the receiving end needed. and both seem promising. Any thoughts on this in general and those options? says that they cut you off if there is one report of spam, which seems likely because so many people push spam instead of unsubscribing or just by accident, which is a problem. is different than

So far has been really friendly to work with.

Since then - I’ve used on a few projects - and it did the job. : )