EmberData ExpressJS Issues

Hey All,

I’m officially tapping out. Ember data has been B*!! slapping me since 8pm. I’ve literally spent my entire night trying to send one field to my mongo DB.

I set up an express server to handle my api endpoints: http://localhost:3000 Its is set up to send the POST data to a mongo DB which is working fine while using x-www-form-urlencoded with Postman. Now i’m just trying to get it to work with Ember data. I have a “subscribe” model that only accepts an email field. When calling the endpoint in ember, my adapter will have the data available in the “options” options=newsletter:{email: "someEmail@something.com} and then it goes into oblivion and i’m not exactly sure what happens.

Back over in express, my req.body of my create route is undefined , even though i’m console logging and the endpoint is getting hit with every submit, no data is actually coming from Ember. I know it’s probably something simple that i’m overlooking and would love for someone who’s dealt with this before to shed some light. Thanks a TON in advance.

Just to follow up. I was passing the content-type as > application/application-json when it should’ve been > application-json so all is well (for now).