Ember 2 release date

is it release ember 2.0.0 today

I don’t think so. Beta #5 was released a few hours ago:


I guess in two to six weeks Ember.JS 2.0 final will be ready.

they are given today will be released ember 2.0.0

I may be wrong and we could be surprised today :smiley:

vist this page once Releases - Ember.js

You are right, maybe something will happen today. There also hints in the meeting notes from August 7th that point to a release this Monday.


Sorry about that y’all, I updated the release date to 2015-08-13 (should have done that after last core team meeting).

The notes from the core team meeting were saying that we would “ready for releasing” as early as Monday. Mostly that meant that I was primarily done with major initiatives and the 2.0.0 milestone, but we now have to work on the proper verbiage/tone/etc for the final blog post. We are shooting for 2015-08-13.


thank you rwjblue we will wait for that moment …