Ember action on select component crashing chrome debugger

I am trying to use an action on a select component on Ember 3.15.

<select id=“select” {{on “click” this.selected}}> – Select One –

and in the component action: @action selected() { let x= 3; }

applying a break point in the action crashes chrome but works fine in firefox. with error Aww snap : "Dev tools disconnected from page …"

Same test with a button works fine.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Is this Ember issue or Chrome issue? Updated to latest version of chrome today version: 80.0.3987.116 and issue persist

The first thing I would check is whether this still happens in a completely plain browser session with no extensions. I would be especially suspicious that this could be an issue in the ember inspector.

Maybe it is just a typo for Angle Brackets component names should be CapitalCase.

Thank you guys for your comments. Meanwhile the issue persists, I still cannot figure out why it is crashing in Chrome. A fresh install of Chrome without any addons also crashes.

I am using pure html select so I don’t think it should be CapitalCase. At least the linter would complain about that.

at the moment my template looks like this. ```

 <select id="{{q.sequence}}" class="form-control" {{on "change" (fn this.selected q)}}>
      <option value=""> Select One </option>
      {{#each q.answer_options as |answer|}}
        <option value={{answer}}>{{answer}}</option>
and the action looks like this
selected(question, event) {
 try {
   // set(question, "answer", event.target.value)
   // this.eval_rules(question);
 } catch(e) {

Sorry I wish this editor can format code. I am using something like this: HTML select tag. i noticed this editor is removing some content from my code. Anyways, Ive tried everything removing all the variables and issue persist.

every thing works fine unless I put a break point in the action. then it crashes. If I dont apply a break point, then Chrome is fine.

Also in firefox, if I apply a break point, it works fine.

Using same action on a html button works fine as well. It is very strange, never seen anything like this before.

To format code in this editor try placing it between triple backticks ` like this:

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As far as the crashing goes, that is very bizarre. What happens if you put in a console.log or a Chrome logpoint?

Hi there, maybe I was not very clear, the code in the action is executed. The crash happens after the action is executed.

I can log things in the console without problem.

Thanks, Jamiu

This may be a real bug in Chrome devtools.