Ember app and related tools ecosystem: a bit confused

I am building a new Ember app for internal use and I am a bit confused on how, or even IF I should use something like Ember App Kit or something similar.

I have been doing web development for quite some time but the ember.js application paradigm is quite new to me. Typically I’d create server-side scripts with embedded HTML, FTP them to the server and be done. There was no need for node or grunt or yeoman or bower, etc.

I guess my question is: When starting out with ember.js AND Java Script MVC development is it worthwhile to use something like EAK?

I would suggest that some tooling is necessary, at least for building your modules into a single javascript file that can be minified, gzipped and stored on a content delivery network for performance sake. I would do a survey of tools and decide what is an advantage for your project. If you can afford bleeding edge tooling then do it, otherwise find tooling that is more stable and documented. It really depends on your needs.

Thanks. I figured I’d need to use something but there seem to be so many choices. I suppose I will give EAK a try, it seems like it’s stable and undergoing active development.

It’s actually got one hoof in the glue factory, to be replaced by ember-cli.

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Like @ulisesrmzroche said, it is soon to be replaced by ember-cli. They’re still cleaning up bugs, but when working it’s a pretty smooth experience. The current build is breaking based on this gh issue, which just arrived in the last 24-hours.

UPDATE: the bug I mentioned is now fixed in v0.0.16.

Getting going is pretty straight forward using the README at https://github.com/stefanpenner/ember-cli

If you don’t already have node and npm installed, using homebrew to do so if you’re on OS X is a breeze.

@errodr Hope this helps.