Ember App Kit and Github Pages

Anybody know of an example using ember app kit and publishing to github pages?

I am still learning about github pages. But the ideal work flow would be

  • Make some edits within EAK project
  • Build
  • Commit to git (both EAK project source and dist)
  • Push to github (and publish automatically)

Wondering if there are any helpful grunt tasks or general process advice to make this as streamlined as possible.

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I do something like this for a few eak projects. Should probably make it a grunt task but today I use this shell script whenever I want to deploy


grunt build:dist
if [ -d dist ]; then
  cd dist
  git init
  git add .
  git commit -m "site updated"
  git push $REPO_URL master:refs/heads/gh-pages --force
  cd ../;

maybe this one is sufficient? GitHub - tschaub/grunt-gh-pages: Publish to GitHub pages with Grunt