Introduction to Ember App Kit

I just wanted to share my introduction to Introduction to Ember App Kit that I wrote for Ember Sherpa.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. We migrated our Ember app to EAK a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been trying to get everyone on the same page with what it is and what it provides. Being able to send them this link is so much better than trying to explain it repeatedly.

A couple thoughts… one of the things that took me awhile to grasp after moving to EAK was that I should no longer refer to my Ember objects by identifier but by module name. Meaning where in Ember without EAK I would write:

{{render post.comments}}

to render the PostComments template using App.PostComments as the controller, in EAK I could say:

{{render "post/comments"}}

and have it load templates/post/comments and the controller in app/controllers/post/comments. This also allows me to use dashes in my file names rather than underscores or camel-casing.

Do you think that would make a worthwhile contribution to the Sherpa?

Hi @joefiorini, I’m glad you find the article useful. There is another article with the same name by Matthew Beale on Safari Books Online Blog. It looks like its more geared towards developers who are familiar with Ember and it highlights the differences that EAK introduces.

Your comment is definitely a worthwhile contribution for Ember Sherpa. Thank you!

I’m going to start putting together another article called “Adjusting to Ember App Kit” and I will include your comment in that article.

Great article! One thing I struggled with when I started using EAK is how the naming conventions translate to the project file structure. Maybe it would be nice to include some kind of cheat sheat on how things like underscores, dashes, nested controllers etc translate to file names and subdirectories.

That’s a great idea. I’m going to put together something like that for a follow up article.

@joefiorini I created a section on Ember Sherpa called Work In Progress. Take a look at the topics that I started. Let’s talk further about how you could contribute.