Ember Book By Balinterdi

Hello everybody

I am starting to put my toe in the ember water. Is the book by balinterdi still relevant and is it recommended

Thank you in advance

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I would say yes. He updates it periodically and you get the updates automatically so it should be pretty up to date with newest Ember. He seems to do a pretty good job of exploring and mentioning new features and APIs too. I’d say it’s a great starting point for jumping into Ember and learning the reasoning behind the concepts and best practices.


Thank you for taking the time to reply

Hey Steven,

I’m the author of said book. @dknutsen said most of it (thanks!), I just want to add that I update the book for each minor version and fix typos, improve explanations and amend code as Ember progresses.

I’m also planning to release the Octane version of the book(s) when it ships.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or at rarwe-book@balinterdi.com.


Highly recommended! I started with zero programmer knowledge and this was/is the most useful tutorial I found. Invaluable resource that helped me understand core Ember concepts I could not grasp otherwise. A year later I still refer to it often. 5-Stars, would buy again!


Thank you everybody, will purchase today

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