Ember Books Recommendations

Title says it all. Could you please recommend recent books (i.e. post Octane) about Ember ?

I am looking for something intermediate level (I figured out the basics). Would be great if book(s) will include info about ember data.

Thanks in advance!

Have you seen Ember Rock n Roll? It’s often the go-to recommendation for something a bit more advanced than the tutorial


I’m the author of Rock and Roll with Ember.js, I’d say it’s for beginners and intermediates, so on a scale of 5, for levels 1-3. It doesn’t cover Ember Data, however. On the plus side, I keep it up to date with minor versions of the framework for free (until the next “edition” (Octane, Polaris, etc.)

I hope that helps to decide :slight_smile:

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Bought it, thank you! Finding any information about ember its such a challenge! I love ember, but I feel that lack of online resources is a serious problem.


For Ember Data check out “Pro Ember Data: Getting Ember Data to Work with Your API” by David Tang

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thank you for recommendation! Title looks promising! Thank you!

Are you in the ember discord?

While searching through the official docs is the best place to go for resources, doing so without knowing what to search for is the hard part. :sweat_smile:

But on the discord, folks can more quickly point you to where you need to look.

But also, asking on stackoverflow or the forums is also good! (tho, can be slower to respond).

There is also this list of resources: Is Ember.js good framework for beginner? - #2 by dknutsen (at the bottom of the post)