Ember Cheater (Quick Reference Guide)

Being an Ember newbie I would love to see a cheat sheet for Ember. Whenever I am learning a new language or framework, one of the first things I find myself looking for is a cheat sheet. In my estimation, some of the most useful cheat sheets usually include:

  • Naming Conventions
  • References to the most common functions used and the expected params
  • Quick examples of common tasks ( creating a route, using computed properties, etc…)

Consolidating the API / Guides down to a 1-3 page cheat sheet would be very valuable for those of us starting out. I would offer my services but it would probably take me 9910 drafts to to get it right as I am still very green. I don’t know, maybe I will give it a shot anyways.

Is there anyone else interested to see an Ember Cheater?


Debugging cheat sheet that I like: http://www.akshay.cc/blog/2013-02-22-debugging-ember-js-and-ember-data.html


Awesome idea, I’m willing to help out with specifics and maybe add a section or two if someone makes the initial draft :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to contribute a bit to that if I can too.

Given a 3 page (max) printable quick reference guide, what content would you like to see within? Naming conventions, {{ handlebars }} syntax, common tasks, commonly used functions, etc? Ideas?

Also, do you know of any other cheat sheet formats that strike you as AWESOME? I would like to know.

Some Inspiration I have found (not necessarily awesome):

I created a embersherpa.com that I hope will become the go to cheatsheet for Ember.js. Checkout the search mechanism( hit ESC to jump to the search field).

I didn’t publicize it because I’m in the process of populating it with content. I’d love some help if anyone would like to contribute. Checkout the contributor page for how you can contribute embersherpa.com

I’d love to make it the go to tool for concise, matter of fact information for Ember.js developers.


I’d try to only insert Ember specific Handlebars conventions, since Handlebars is it’s own project.

Would be nice to search by the comments as well, since names of functions don’t always come to mind :smile:

I’m using typeahead for the search which allows me to specify tags for each item. At the moment, it only searches the articles that I have. Its not searching API documentation.

Now that I think about it, it would be a cool project to create a Typeahead JSON generator that uses a 3rd party API to do linguistic analysis on the comments and extract top keywords.

In the mean time, we can only search what’s in the /cheatsheet directory in the repository.