Ember JS Glossary

As seems evidence by this issue.


There are plenty of aliases, old APIs, old example code and general confusion floating out there. Some of this is self induced.

I am wondering if anyone is working on a high level glossary of terms to help map all this out?

If there is a work in progress for something like this I would be glad to help. The documentation should very much be like a dictionary with short and sweet definitions, footnote and cross reference links.

To me the utility would come in something that is easy to scan, and perhaps link into the API docs directly where appropriate.

That’s partially what EmberSherpa’s Cheatsheet was suppose to be. It’s searchable and the code is very flexible, so I could pretty much do anything with how its generated.

I do like the visual organization of this. If there was a way that link could directly to the correct place or places in the API docs that would be handy. That at least gets you to the technical details relatively quickly. Bonus if there was a way to reference the specific module in source code.

Concrete example:

Ember.Object.createWithMixins( mixins, {} )


API Reference

Source Code

You probably want to just link to master unless you want to get into the business of versioning the cheatsheet which seems messy.

I already have links for some of the properties and methods but not all of it. Its just a matter of entering a value into metadata.

IMO, The biggest value of the cheatsheet is in tagging property and method in way that makes the search relevant. If you try the search field( you can click ESC anywhere on the site and it will jump up to search ) and enter a keyword, it will give you relevant information.

May be you are looking for something like overapi.com … would be really helpful for entire framework. One can scan a lot in one glance… but not for ember yet