Ember CLI 2.4.2 produces empty vendor.css?


Hi, Just updated to Ember CLI 2.4.2 from 2.3.0. Both Ember Server and Ember Build produce a completely empty vendor.css file. Everything works as expected with 2.3.0.

Potential culprit might contribute to this issue in our project includes

  • ember-font-awesome 2.0.0
  • ember-cli-bootswatch 1.13.2
  • ember-cli-sass 5.3.0 etc

Anybody else had any issues? There is no error when build and no error when run, just no CSS . I would like to investigate and figure out the issue but do not really know how and where to start. If I downgrade Ember-cli to 2.3.0 (without any other changes), everything starts work again.



I have the same error. Are you using the ember-component-css addon by any chance? Because I suspect that that might be the problem for us, and therefore created an issue here: https://github.com/ebryn/ember-component-css/issues/122


Yes, that is it then, we are also using the ember-component-css v0.1.6, I guess that is likely to be the problem for us as well.

Thank you


That’s what it seems to be my issue as well. I just replicated the same project without using the ember-component-css add on and it works.

Update: it seems they have released a beta version that solves the issue: 0.2.0-beta.1