Ember serve unable to find application.css and vendor.js


Hi All.

I’m getting a bit of a strange problem. A group of us are working on a project and I recently setup a new workstation to clone the test project. I did everything I’ve always done to setup the previous projects, nvm -> latest node -> bower -> clone project, npm install && bower install, then ember serve --environment=mock.

To my surprise I’m presented with a blank webpage, unlike any other time before. I check the console output and it only shows what is in the following screenshot.

assets/application.css 404

If I hover over the vendor.js script tag it also says 404 over that. I’ve never encountered this before and I can’t find anything online that relates to it. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The previous projects that ran fine are still running fine. They show the webapp, even after pulling the latest.

Versions: ember -v version: 0.2.5 node: 0.12.7 npm: 2.10.0 bower:1.4.1


I some old ember-cli version you had to run ember new dummy to get the correct module versions in the npm cache. Perhaps you can try it. If the dummy works remove the node_modules & bower_components from your project and run npm install & bower install again.