Ember CLI build times

Hey guys,

I don’t have an in-depth knowledge about Ember CLI internals so take the following paragraphs with a grain of salt.

In my opinion Ember CLI build times are… just insane. I’ve seen such build times with non-streaming build systems before and there’s a good chance this is the same situation. At work I’m using Windows with SSD and set up the environment using ember-cli-windows but still pretty simple project with ~10 files and basic ember-cli deps takes 6 seconds for the initial development build and 2+ seconds for incremental build. At least for me this is a big deal when I want to iterate quickly. At home I’m a Mac user (with SSD too) and although build times are a bit better still it kind of sucks and is slower than I would expect.

I’ve been working with Gulp, React (with Reactify and Watchify) and Browser-Sync (which has a nice CSS injection feature) before I moved to Ember based project and although the project contained hundreds of files and tenths of dependencies it was insanely fast and incremental builds were taking miliseconds instead of seconds. Then there’s este starter kit for react which also has tons of dependencies and works even faster than that (at least for incremental builds which is fine) - also on Windows. And there are no ugly hacks needed to enable symlinks and so on.

So my question is if it could be somehow improved by using different ember-cli asset pipeline and for example module hot swapping feature like este does or CSS injection feature like Browser-Sync does.

Thanks for your opinions.


Regarding the “Windows part” see also: Ember-cli rebuild alternative on windows due to slowness? - #4 by jsk

Already done that before but still it’s slow as hell for me - it simply cannot be any faster when writing a lot of stuff (intermediary files) to the HDD - this is why streaming build systems were invented and CSS injection and JS module hot swap are being used nowadays. BTW why you need admin privileges is also documented here: The Ember CLI - Introduction - Ember CLI Guides

But I appreciate your comment Stefan. Thanks

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