Ember-cli rebuild alternative on windows due to slowness?

I’m on windows and getting 10 second rebuilds with ember-cli with a blank project. I’m used to instant rebuilds and wasn’t able to find a solution and it seems that this is a known issue. Is there a good alternative for rebuilding that would still let me use the generator and add-ons?

version: 0.0.44
Livereload server on port 35729
Serving on

Build successful - 11261ms.

Slowest Trees                  | Total
CustomStaticCompiler           | 1967ms
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 1924ms
TreeMerger (stylesAndVendor)   | 1788ms
TreeMerger (ExternalTree)      | 1767ms
TreeMerger (vendor)            | 677ms
CustomStaticCompiler           | 647ms

:wink: I installed SSD’s. It will get you to less then 5 sec.

I created a ramdisk (a disk that is mounted in the RAM, ultrafast :wink: ) and linked the tmp folder to it. I’m using soft perfect ramkdisk. But you might find other ones.
With this you also don’t stress the harddisk so much. But for release build i had to allocate 1Gb to the disk!! Even though my project only occupies 140Mb counting in the assets such as images etc.

It’s still not an instant build, but at least faster. Got down to 8s from 20s.

I hope this will be fixed someday

edit: I think i created a hard link to link the tmp folder: mklink /H <link\> <target\>

I run Windows 8.1 without Defender, I have NOD32 instead.

I’ve done official recomendation and tried ember-cli-windows-addon and ember-cli-windows but it did not helped (at least noticeably).

But when I run ember server with admin privileges it builds 6 times faster. WTF?

Change without admin:

Build successful - 27588ms.

Slowest Trees                  | Total
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 5612ms
TreeMerger (stylesAndVendor)   | 5393ms
TreeMerger (ExternalTree)      | 5015ms
CustomStaticCompiler           | 3097ms

The same change with admin rights:

Build successful - 4300ms.

Slowest Trees                  | Total
Funnel: App JS Files           | 615ms
Concat: Vendor                 | 458ms
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 353ms
TreeMerger (vendor)            | 351ms
ES6: App Tree                  | 347ms
SourcemapConcat                | 260ms
Concat: Test Support JS        | 252ms
SourcemapConcat                | 243ms

That was a revelation for me… Having admin privileges minimized my 65 second build times to 16 seconds!

https://github.com/felixrieseberg/ember-cli-windows-addon is a very handy addon for those developing on Windows. It automatically sets up your application for Windows Defender and Windows Search Index.

In our team we gave up on developing in Windows and created a Linux VM / Virtual Box. Works fine for us. A side-effect: we standardized installation and tooling this way.

Running as Admin enables Symlinking which improves the build time.

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