.ember-cli per-user settings

We have someone on the team running windows and for some reason live reload won’t work unless he sets “watcher” : “polling” in the .ember-cli file.

This breaks it for the other devs on a mac, so is there anyway we can maintain a per-user version of that file?

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We also run windows teams and live reload works out of the box. So perhaps finding the bug will be faster than use .gitignore and special branches, ember-cli environment or something.

Does it also not work with ember new dummy?

We are using docker and live reload doesn’t work on the windows machine until you enable polling which breaks our Mac setup. So much for docker making things easier :slight_smile:

So the question remains, how do I have per-user versions of .ember-cli ?

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Sorry we don’t use docker for ember-cli. But is seems like it can be done for Windows en Mac without per-user settings. See https://github.com/IcaliaLabs/guides/wiki/Creating-and-Running-an-Ember-app-with-Docker.

We already have everything working and has been working for several months… This issue came up when we added a developer that is using Windows.

The question remains, how do I have a per-user version of .ember-cli?