Ember-cli-update error : Cannot read property 'ember-cli' of undefined

I am trying to update my app using ember-cli-update.

I am following the doc here.

So, first I do ember install ember-cli-update.

Then I commit the change of the package.json and package-lock.json files.

Then I do ember update --to 3.12.

And then I get this error

Cannot read property 'ember-cli' of undefined.

What am I doing wrong?

Frank, is the ember install command correct, there is a typo in the package name Yours => ember install ember-cli-upadte Correct => ember install ember-cli-update

Thanks for catching that. I made the typo while asking my question.

I make the correct command when installing the package. It gets installed and added to my package and package-lock.json files.

Here is s screen shot of my command line.

Any idea?

Thanks for your time.

I’ve only ever used ember-cli-update installed globally (meaning you’d run npm/yarn install -g ember-cli-update and then ember-cli-update --to=3.10). You could try that. Also probably worth taking a peek in the error log/stack trace file that it lists in the error message. Maybe post the relevant bits here?

I am getting the same error with the global install.

Here is the stack trace.

Thanks for your help!