Ember Components repository

Hello, is there such a thing as a big shared repository of ember components? Similar to http://ngmodules.org/

If not, it seems to me that we should start making it :slight_smile:


I started ember-components.com some months ago, but then the project got kind of stuck. Maybe I should put some effort in it and give it a revival…?

Cheers, Alex


We definately need an equivalent of ruby gems or ng-modules for Ember :slight_smile:

that looks like a great start, a successful next iteration would need a way for users to upload their own components and tag them and then searchability

Bower seems like the best home as far as a central repository goes. The site could simply be a curated list of submitted components that people can then use Bower to install.

sure that would work well, as long as there is a place to go look for them and add them when new ones are created, it’d be great

I think the biggest roadblock to this happening at the moment is that Ember is missing an agreed upon way to package up components for distribution, and if bower is to be used, a way to namespace packages that makes it clear they are ember components.

@ryanflorence has done some work in this regard by making some components available as bower packages.

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+100000 we need www.ember-components.com

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Something like this?

I’ve packaged some components into a single file that can just be included in page/shimmed with browserify, see here for an example. Basically I precompile everything into one file along with an initializer.