Ember Data 1.0beta guide (no migration)


Exist right now a guide about the 1.0beta version? I know there’s a migration guide but, to start, a clear guide would be more confortable :smiley:


You can find some code samples for simple CRUD here: http://discuss.emberjs.com/t/migrating-from-ember-data-0-13-to-1-0-0-beta-1-my-findings/

Good luck !


Ok, this is off topic, but the link in the previous reply does not work in Chrome, Firefox or Safari (on windows), all latest versions - even tried Chrome Canary. Clicking it replaces the URL in the address bar, but the browser does not go to that page. Clicking refresh will show the new page however. Anyone else see this?


Click it then refresh. Had the same problem.


Thanks, also this is a migrating guide but coupled with the official migration guide can be a nice starting point :wink:


Yeah, I did mention that clicking refresh will show the linked to page. At least it isn’t just me :wink:


someone listen to me :smiley: http://emberjs.com/guides/models/