Guides for upgrading to Ember Data Beta 10?


I’m trying to upgrade from ember-data-beta.9 to ember-data-beta.10. I haven’t been able to find any good documentation on how to upgrade. Are there any resources on how to handle the new changes, especially the changes to relationships?


Hey Jeffrey, I’m having problems with the new Beta 10, I hit a bug when saving a model with async properties, so I would advise being careful with the upgrade.

If you want to check the details to see if it would affect you, I opened a bug in Ember Data repo:


Thanks for the response. I forgot about this post; my solution was to downgrade back to Beta 9. I did this because I was told by someone close to the team that Beta 10 was known to be broken. Thank you for your work in getting that publicized better, so others don’t fall into the trap that I did.

Incidentally, for anyone else reading this who wants to downgrade, use this line in your bower.json: "ember-data": "1.0.0-beta.9",. I’m not sure whether this is considered too basic to document, but for the longest time I thought I was stuck with beta.10 and would have appreciated seeing this.


@JeffreyBiles No problem. And about bower, I think is not documented because bower has nothing to do directly to Ember or Ember Data.

I suppose you are using Ember CLI? They have a small section about it: Ember CLI user guide, but it mainly points you to the bower official documentation.