Ember-data adding unnecessary records


Let’s say I have an app about animes… I want to be able to access the same anime with any of the following urls:
so my router is defined as following:

// router.js
Router.map(function() {
	this.resource('animes', { path: '/a/' }, function() {
	this.resource('anime', { path: '/a/:anime_id' });
	this.resource('anime', { path: '/a/:slug/:anime_id' }, function() {

my anime route looks like this:

// routes/anime.js
var AnimeRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
        afterModel: function(anime, transition) {
            // redirect to the url /m/foo/1
		if(anime.get('slug') !== transition.params.anime.slug) {
			this.replaceWith('anime', anime);
	serialize: function(anime) {
		return {
			slug: anime.get("slug"),
			anime_id: anime.get("id")

export default AnimeRoute;

My backend is configured to return the right data no matter if what was sent is an id or a slug.
There’s no problem in the case of urls in the form of /a/foo/1 and /a/1, but in the case of the url: /a/foo, the ember inspector shows that there’s an additional record {id: foo, title: undefined, slug: undefined, ...: undefined}
how to fix this?

EDIT: here’s a jsbin illustrating the problem: http://emberjs.jsbin.com/rasewowapocu/2


solved in here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25465988/ember-data-adding-unnecessary-records/