Ember Data async wait

First of all, thank you Ember Team for posting the Ember Meeting minutes, they are always very interesting to read. In the minutes of the 25/06/2014 Async wait from ES7 was mentioned, but that there hasn’t been time yet to investigate, so I thought why not bring the community on board to get more opinions on the matter and make investigating easier.

After having spent maybe half an hour looking into async wait, it seems like a really exciting addition to JS (as well as hopefully Ember Data) that would indeed make working with asynchronous functions much cleaner and nicer.

Here is a quite good article showing the basics as well as the differences to promises: ES7 async functions - JakeArchibald.com

Furthermore, here is the relevant ES7 proposal: https://github.com/lukehoban/ecmascript-asyncawait

So what is your opinion about async wait? And would you love to see this happening in Ember Data?