Ember Dev Needed for Short-Term SPA Release Sprint [Remote][2-3 weeks]


Our company is building a custom single-page application for an investment management firm. We’re looking for an Ember developer to help our primary developer hit a deadline for release of 1.0.0 in the next few weeks. They should:

  • Be comfortable with current Ember.js
  • Be willing to work in CoffeeScript and Emblem.js
  • Be comfortable integrating 3rd-party libraries with Ember, i.e. good at writing components
  • Be comfortable with Firebase (we use fireplace.js as a data layer)
  • Be comfortable with Bootstrap 3
  • Be comfortable with basic RequireJS (this isn’t an Ember-CLI project; we use Mimosa)
  • Ideally have experience with D3.js and/or Crossfilter, but this is optional
  • Be experienced with git and git-flow
  • Understand Node.js as a back-end, and perhaps contribute in that regard, but this isn’t a Node-heavy application (90% Ember/10% Node).
  • Be able to hit the ground running, with minimal direction and sometimes chaotic changes of priority

If you are interested, please send us a résumé/CV and your hourly rate.


If job is still open, I would like to have a skype call.