Ember equivalents of Angular

Are there ember equivalents to Angulars built in filters and directives out the box.

For example formatting display (currency, uppercase, lowercase) or built in directives for filtering lists with a search box?

I switched to Rails hence the interest in using Ember long term rather than Angular.

In the case of light modification of data for display purposes, a helper is the way to go (in particular, check out their example of a fullName helper).

As for the filtering lists, there’s a couple of ways to go. You could encapsulate the entire process in a fairly hefty view that has the search box and the list contained in it. Or you could keep track of the search term on the controller and display a filtered list that is observing the search term.

It sounds like a general tour through the Ember guides would be really productive for you right now.

Thanks for the tip, I was watching Codeschool videos on Ember, quite helpful. And I spent the last 2 days going through the Ember guides, they seem much better than a few months ago.