Emberjs equivalent to Angular filter ng model search

I was recently searching through embers docs on there website and elsewhere and I came across this post on Quabr, which askes:

Is there an easy way to apply a search filter like angular:

<input type="text" ng-model="resultFilter" placeholder="Search">
     <li ng-repeat="result in results | filter:resultFilter">{{result.name}}</li> </ul>

this filters the result by what ever is typed in the input box making an awsomely simple search feature. Is there a simple Emberjs equivalent or this one of those simple perks of anuglarjs?

I have the same question and was hoping to find an answer here on the forums.

Thanks in advance, Mooror

filter method of array does just that except that in Ember you will do the filtering in Component/Controller and in template you will just go over filtered results

there is a jsbin in this SO post:

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