Ember.js Developer - 6 Month Contract in Toronto


Ember.js Developer

Job Title: Ember.js Developer

Company: Direct IT Recruiting Inc.

Location: Toronto

Position: 6 Month Contract

Job Category: Developer

Career Level: Intermediate to Senior

Work Experience: Ember.js, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MVC

Industry: Financial


  • Proficient in advanced JavaScript programming and expert knowledge of the language

  • Prior experience in application programming using Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, C++, C#, or Objective-C

  • Prior experience in application development using desktop frameworks. Cocoa, .NET, WPF, Qt

  • Strong understanding of various programming styles: Imperative, Object-Oriented (OOP), Functional (FP), and/or Reactive

  • Strong understanding of web development and technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and W3C accessibility standards.


  • Experience with jQuery (a must)

  • Experience with Ember.js (a must)

  • Prior experience with one of the following JavaScript frameworks and/or libraries: Sproutcore, Cappuchino.js, Maria.js, Backbone.js, Spine.js, Ext.js, Prototype.js, or Dojo

  • Prior experienced writing clean and well-structured advanced client-side web applications without the aid of libraries or frameworks using plain vanilla JavaScript and the DOM.

  • Experience with SASS/LESS

  • Experience with node.js (grunt, bower, etc…)

  • Experience building and/or consuming REST APIs

  • Experience with Git, GitHub, GitLab

  • Experience with Behaviour Driven-Development or Test Driven-Development

  • Experience with Qunit.js, Mocha.js, or Jasmine.js

  • Strong understanding of design patterns; including observer, composite, and strategy patterns

  • Strong understanding of Model-View-Controller paradigm

  • Strong understanding of object roles and responsibilities

  • Strong understanding of SOLID design principals

  • Desire to evolve their programming skills and craft

Please send resume to careers@directitrecruiting.com


Word to the wise- the number of people who have “at least” one year of Ember experience is extremely small (and probably not what you actually need), and no one spells git in caps. I don’t want to be negative- I’m sure your opportunity is terrific and this is the perfect board to post in. Based on the last person who was upset that their job posting didn’t get enough attention, however, posts with more attention to detail will probably get more attention from detail-oriented people.

Just my 2 cents, not representative of anyone else in the community. Ignore me if you got flooded with responses from that.


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your suggestions. I have made the appropriate changes in the job description.

Many thanks, Darla