Ember.js with DDP / Meteor backend


After past experience with Laravel and Backbone, I’ve recently gotten into contact with Ember.js and Meteor (for different projects). I really like Ember.js for its structured, route-based approach and for its open and forward-thinking community. On the other hand, I really like Meteor for its simplicity; how fast you can get something working.

There is one thing that I really love about Meteor, which is the DDP Protocol. The reason I ended up using Meteor for a project was because I wanted the best WebSocket solution, and DDP’s simple combination of RPC for client->server and PubSub for server->client is absolutely brilliant. Now that I’m using Meteor as a backend to a Native iOS app, I’m finding it so much simpler than writing a backend in Laravel. I’m looking for more ways to do something similar.

I’d really love to be able to use Ember.js with a Meteor backend! What are your thoughts?