Ember jscs preset for code style—suitable for projects?


ember-cli by default generates .jshintrc and other config files. I noticed that Ember has also .jscsrc.

After reading Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript I thought that enforcing consistency would make me ‘forget’ about ‘reminders’ or ‘prompting’ to adhere to some rules on the project I’m working on.

jscs presets list some popular configurations. My question is: is Ember code style preset suitable for ‘regular’ Ember project, or it is strictly for development?

If you were successful with other presets, let me know.

BTW. just found this:

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I would suggest using ember-suave as your preset (but I’m biased :smiley: ).

Thanks! Definitely the setup was faster (without copying libs from Ember.js custom rules) :smile:

@rwjblue Maybe you will find my article interesting—Emberocop to safeguard your code—intro. This is the intro to the article series about linting tools.

Second article, Tools to keep code in order—Code Style Guide With JSCS is to be published next week. :slightly_smiling: