.jshintrc predef errors

Sorry I know there are past issues that describe how to set this file up and I have been successful in past ember versions.

ember-cli: 2.14.2 ember-source: “~2.14.1”

After upgrading I started getting the “predef” errors like the .jshintrc is not being fully read.

"predef": [

error ‘COMMONJS’ is not defined no-undef

error ‘$’ is not defined no-undef

Were there any changes? I’m just not sure what to try.

I believe in ember-cli 2.12.0 we switched to .eslintrc.js

You need to do something like this

Yikes! I definitely skipped that step :thinking:… I wonder why Ember keeps doing stuff like this. We have a perfectly good industry use of jshintrc but I’m guessing it wasn’t good enough… sigh


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@haldiggs But, whats the problem? You don’t have to use eslint! You can use ember-cli-jshint as long as you wish. They just changed the blueprint, so the default for new projects and the official recommendation. However its up to you if you follow this recommendation or not. Also you can switch later at any time. Actually a lot of people switched to eslint before they changed the blueprint.

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