Step by step upgrade from JSHint to ESLint w/ ember-cli

I often hear people talk about using ESLint with ember-cli but I’m yet to see a commit or example showing how you would do this (removing all the necessary jshint/ etc). Does anyone have “the guide” on this using a modern ember-cli version?

Have you checked out

The blueprint will set everything up (and remove jshint).

@jasonmit I did see the blueprint but I’m curious what other dotfiles are removed/should be updated as a result. I was half curious/half lazy in asking this but I never saw a single commit showing the conversion (and wanted to see what people are using as the “defacto”)

thanks for the reply!


It turns out the readme mentions just how simple/straight forward this upgrade can be with ember-cli 2.5+


For anyone like me asking “what would this look like in a single commit …” => here you go!

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