Ember-leaflet-routing-machine addon


Is anybody using Leaflet Routing Machine with ember ?

I have raised issue at leaflet-routing-machine · Issue #84 · miguelcobain/ember-leaflet · GitHub and in adddons there is none to support it.

I would like to know how much time does it take to integrate since I am a new to Ember.

Any helping hand is most welcome.

Regards, Kiran.

If you are lucky you can repeat steps taken by GitHub - canufeel/ember-leaflet-marker-cluster: Ember Leaflet Addon to add Leaflet Marker Cluster support to wrap the routing-machine. Willing to help but I don’t have much time before augustus 1.

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@broerse, I have started the work as per your suggestion at GitHub - kirantpatil/ember-leaflet-routing-machine: Ember Leaflet Addon to add Leaflet Routing Machine.


I have updated the repo please have a look at it and let me know if I miss something.

I have doubt regarding adding “addon/components/leaflet-routing-machine.js” and “app/components/leaflet-routing-machine.js” as mentioned in “ember-leaflet-marker-cluster

I don’t know what to add there.

Please guide me.

@kirantpatil what is the API you imagine when using leaflet-routing-machine in ember-leaflet?

Btw, you can show up on ember’s official slack and ping me if you need.

I want to use APIs which will help me to address basic needs such as

  1. Using lat/lng, show two location markers on the map with route

  2. Show route Distance and Time

  3. Show alternate route

I have no idea which APIs to be used for the above purpose.