Ember Quickstart - application.hbs not created


Well this is frustrating for a newbie.

I installed Ember 2.6.1 I have Node 4.11 and NPM 3.9.6 When I go through the Quickstart tutorial all seems to work fine until I get to this paragraph…

“Switch to your editor and open app/templates/application.hbs. This is called the application template and it is always on screen while the user has your application loaded.”

Guess what? There is no “application.hbs” in that directory. I can create one, and all works fine, but should I actually get half a page into a tutorial and things don’t match up??

I tried deleting and recreating numerous times but the file is never there. Any ideas why this is happening? Did I do something wrong somewhere?



It’s not in the app blueprint, though it was and was recently removed. The documentation was never updated to reflect this change.

Feel free to send a pull request into https://github.com/emberjs/guides to correct it


Hidden secret. Go to your command line and enter ember generate route application! (leave the exclamation off.) As of v2.6 and i think after 5.0, they put the logo up saying you made. Once create the application route, go to application.hbs and just above {{outlet}} enter <h1>Welcome to Ember</h2> restart your server, done. There’s nothing else you need to do but continue learning and using ember. By the way, that drove me crazy also. I looked and researched for hours.